Why should you choose us?

Our company’s prospects:

  1. Long term partnerships
  2. Supportive of environmentally friendly options
  3. Trustworthy partner
  4. Eco-friendly products

Health & Safety:

Our company prioritizes tourist safety. We will work to ensure your safety starting from the day you arrive up until you leave. Our tour guides, will make sure you’re safe when you’re riding horses, camels or climbing up the steep slopes of a mountain. If anything happens to you during your travels, our lines are always open

Travelling equipment:

A list of the equipment we can offer you during your travels is as follows: tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, kitchen utensils, showering tent, camping chairs & tables.

Our company’s projects:

In order to stay up to date with the world’s growing number of endangered species, our company has partnered with an organization dedicated to preserving the Gobi bear, of which only 38 exist, to donate 1% of all of our revenue through tourism. We are also working towards creating donation boxes in various tourist spots, in order to help the cause of the Gobi bear.