travel information

Climate: In Mongolia there is a continental climate (steppe climate)

In summer the temperatures are around 20 degrees during the day and 5-10 degrees at night. In the Gobi desert temperatures can rise to 40 degrees. In the mountains it is relatively cooler. Best travel time is from June to September.

Doctors and pharmacies: The medical care and the equipment in the pharmacies are good in Ulaanbaatat. In provincial centers, there is usually a hospital and a pharmacy. The supply is but makeshift.

A travel health insurance is generally recommended.

Driving: There are almost no car rental outlets in Ulaanbaatr, so it's almost impossible to rent a car (but the driver is fine). Also the roads in the city and in particular in the country require a special experience (no street signs outside of Ulaanbaatar, holey slopes etc.)

Disabled: Traveling for the disabled is very difficult in Mongolia. Public buildings and hotels generally do not have facilities for the disabled, such as ramps for wheelchairs. Also not the public transport.

Food and drink: The Mongolian cuisine is rich in mutton and beef. But vegetarians do not need to be afraid. Vegetables, pasta and fruit are not missing.

In Ulaanbaatar there are numerous Resteraunts with international cuisine. The food is better cooked well and to enjoy fried. The tap water and milk should also be cooked. The national drink Airag (fermented mare's milk) is also not suitable for every stomach.

Photographing: The footage and picture cards are only available in Ulaanbaatar in certain stores, so it is wise to take it out of stock. It goes without saying that when taking pictures of the persons to ask for their consent and a refusal to accept.

Money and credit cards:

Currency: Tugrik circulates in bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000.

Currency exchange: In the larger hotels and in many official exchange offices in Ulaanbaatar, you can change almost every common currency in Tugrik at the current exchange rate. The exchange rates of Euro and USD are relatively stable, eg Euro 1 = approx. 3000 Tugrik, 1 USD = 2658 Tugrik. Outside of Ulaanbaatar the money exchange is only possible to a very limited extent. In the larger Resteraunts and hotels one accepts also Euro USD and credit cards otherwise everything is paid in Tugrik.

Credit Cards and Traveler Checks: American Express, Visa, Mastercard will pay for almost all hotels and shopping centers in Ulaanbaatar. Money import and export: When entering and leaving the money must be declared. The maximum amount is currently Euro 5,000, -


Health care: No special vaccine required. Protective measures against teanus, polio, hepatitis A and B are recommended. In general, it is sensible to conclude a travel health insurance in this country.

It is advisable to have a small first-aid kit with me, especially drugs for diarrhea and vomiting, because of the unfamiliar food and composition of the drinking water it comes gehüfig to gastrointestinal disturbances.

Clothing and climate: Due to the continental climate with temperature fluctuations within a day, a clothing on the "onion principle" with adequate protection of the head and skin is recommended.

Opening hours: The shops open between 9 and 10 o'clock and close at 20 o'clock. Since there are no pre-defined opening times, they are often different in the smaller shops. The banks: 9-17 clock. The post office 9-18 clock. Museums: 10-16 clock.

Post: Letters reach Central Europe reliably in about 7-10 days. The postage for a letter or postcard to Europe is 1500-2500 Tugruk.

Security: Mongolia is considered one of the safest travel destinations. Nevertheless, beware of pickpockets, especially in busy squares and markets. In the dark you should avoid badly lit places.

Souvenirs: Cashmere gloves, shawls and sweaters are the most popular souvenirs from Mongolia, especially since they are much cheaper to buy than in this country. Artfully crafted leather souvenirs with country-specific motifs, wickerwork from horsehair, etc.

Telecommunication: Telephoning: International calls can be made from the smallest provincial towns. The prices are staggered by minute units. Country code: +976; Area code of Ulaanbaatar.

Fax: Almost all hotels and post offices have this service.

Mobile: The mobile works in Ulaanbaatar and almost all provincial centers.

Internet: In the hotels and Internet cafes in Ulaanabatar you can surf for a small fee on the Internet.

Taxi: -there are several licensed taxi companies, but also almost all private cars can be called a taxi.

Tipping: The tip was not so common until recently, but with increasing tourism that is also a common ritual. 10-15 percent of the bill can be offered to the waiter as a tip. The porters and maids also receive a small sum for their services.

Equipment Checklist Mongolia:

We recommend the following equipment things

  • trekking backpack or travel bag from 90 liters with large zipper (robust, water-resistant)
  • Dry bag / protective bag (70-90 liters) against moisture and dust
  • 1 daypack approx. 25-30 liters volume, also usable as hand luggage
  • Passport + passport copy, vaccination certificate, 1 passport photo, airline tickets
  • Money: cash in Euros or credit cards (Visa, Master, Eurocard)
  • 1 pair of trekking shoes with strong outsole ankle-high (well worn in), 1 pair of sports or turn-down shoes; 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 Goretex jacket wind and waterproof; Fleece sweater, fleece jacket
  • Long pants, including 1 trekking pants, waterproof pants
  • shorts, swimwear, T-shirts
  • functional underwear, warm socks, trekking socks

Wool hat, warm gloves

  • Wash (all in small dosages, soap biodegradable), small towel
  • 1 inner sleeping bag
  • 1 insulating mat
  • 1 headlamp with spare batteries
  • 1 Thermosflashe 1 liter
  • Sun hat, good sunscreen (at least +25), fatty for the lips
  • Toilet paper 1 roll, paper towels, wet wipes (for hygiene), earplugs
  • Photo equipment with sufficient batteries + memory cards, possibly binoculars
  • Detergent, biodegradable
  • hand sanitizer
  • pocket knife, book to read
  • Sweets for small children and some gifts for host family (snacks, candies, tea bags

Knives, binoculars what the nomad family finds useful.)

  • medications for indigestion, colds, headache, circulatory, plaster
  • insect repellent (against the likes)
  • Mongolia travel guide.

Attention: All items should be packed protected against moisture.