We provide variety of Mongolian, Western and Asian foods and beverages during our tours. In Ulaanbaatar, our clients can dine in number of restaurants serving Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Latin American and of course Mongolian cuisines. During your stay in ger camps, they will provide meals. Sometimes because of remote location, some camps offer not enough choices of meals, but basically those are tasty and nutritious.


Sharing meals with nomads, having meals at non touristic local restaurants are part of our clients’ experience. Any request of special diets either vegan or vegetarian, even halal meals can be provided with our pleasure.

Safe and hygienic meals and drinks will be prepared in local and traditional style, and even our clients are welcomed to learn how to cook Mongolian dishes as well as our guides will be told interesting backgrounds, narrative stories and nutritious benefit of the meals cooked.








Different kind of meat (beef, mutton, chicken, soybean mostly) with noodles, different kind of rice and various vegetables will be typical ingredients of any meal. Cream, vegetable and clear soups will be served during the day trek.

Our experienced Mongolian field cooks prepare western and Mongolian traditional dishes in rustic conditions of countryside and serve our clients the most comfortable and attractive atmosphere. Fresh milk, yogurt, cheese and meat will be bought at nomadic families when available.

That is always available to have and taste traditional dairy products when visiting to a nomad family. Bottles of mineral water are available to buy at shops, food markets and kiosks in central towns, villages and Ger camps in countryside.