Gobi Desert- Khangain

Tour Code: Long Tour

The adventure through the Gobi Desert to Khangai Taig through Mongolia's infinite steppes. This tour offers almost all of the world’s landscapes. The unusual taiga, the dormant volcanoes, the mountainous regions surrounding lakes, the endless plains and the Gobi Desert. The remedial hot springs for the human body and world famous cashmere shops are all waiting for you.



  • Map of BagaGazriinChuluu
  • Khorgo, lands surrounding a volcano, TerkhiinTsagaanlake
  • Karakorum, the capital of Genghis Khaan
  • Yoliin Am Canyon / Gobi /
  • Flaming cliffs – a site where approximately 100 dinosaur fossils were found
  • Traveling on horseback and on camel
  • Khongoriin Sand dunes, stretching over 180 km
  • Ruins of the Onon Monastery
  • Ulaantsutgalan Waterfall
  • Jargalant Hot Springs
  • The city of Erdenet
  • World-famous cashmere stores


Day 1: Ulaanbaatar
After landing in Ulaanbaatar, we will escort you to your hotel. After which we will visit Gandan Monastery. The monastery boasts a 26 meter tall gold statue of a god called Maidar. Then we will  visit the Mongolian Historical Museum and learn more about Mongolia's history and culture. Afterwards, we will explore Mongolian cuisine and then spend the rest of the day relaxing.
/ Hotel /

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar to BagaGazriinChuluu
After meeting with your tour guide, you will start your journey. We will travel from Ulaanbaatar to our destination. Leaving the city, you will find a lot of wildlife as well as nomadic yurts and farms, which will attract your attention. At Bagagazriinchuluu, you will be able to explore the site on foot as well as its many mysteries. The prehistoric caves, ancient rock paintings and animal fossils will fascinate you.
/Tourist camp/

Day 3Bagagazriinchuluu - Dalanzadgad
After eating breakfast we will set off for Dalanzadgad, located in Umnu-Gobi province. From there we will travel to Yoliin Am Canyon. YoliinAm, is an ice river, that does not melt even during the hottest summers. It is a canyon that can be found in the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. The park contains boulders as tall as skyscrapers and the river flows between the cliffs. It truly is a sight to be seen. The national park also boasts a diverse range of wild deer. The national park also has a museum dedicated to stuffed animals.
/Tourist camp /


Day 4 EU mouth - Khongoriin sand dunes
After breakfast, we will set off for our next destination. The next destination, partway through your trip, is the Khongoryn and Duut sand dunes. These deserts stretch on for over 180 kilometers. You can also visit nearby camel farmers, ride and see the sights from atop a camel. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience.
/Tourist camp /

Day 5 Khongoriin sand dunes - Bayanzag
After breakfast, we will set off for our next destination, the Forest of Zag in which multiple dinosaur fossils were found. Our trip to the Gobi desert will take us through the Bayanzag, where, American archeologist Roy Chapman - Andriu found over a 100 dinosaur fossils place in 1922. This site was named the flaming hills, because it looks as if it’s on fire during sunset. The Bayanzagforest, is in English, a sexual forest which is a very rare type of forest around the world.
/Tourist camp /


Day 6 Bayanzag - Ongi monastery
You will begin your journey in the morning after waking up to the relaxing environment of Mongolia. After travelling through the steppes to Ongi Monastery, we will lodge in the nearest camp. You will find that there are the ruins of many ancient temples around the site.
/Tourist camp /
Day 7 Ongimonatery -Karakorum
We will set of for Karakorum in the morning after we have had breakfast. German archaeologists discovered the forgotten ancient city. Other than the ancient city of Karakorum (Kharkhorin), there is the buddhistErdenezuu Monastery. We will lodge in a yurt camp, which perfectly compliments the peaceful Mongolian habitat. Later, we will visit the ancient city of Karakorum, Erdenezuu monastery and visit the historical tourist town of Kharkhorin. Afterwards, we will have dinner at our camp.
/Tourist camp /

Day 8 Karakorum -Ulaantsutgalan
After a comfortable night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, we will leave for Ulaantsutgalan waterfall. Your tour guide will tell you all the stories and legends that surrounds this 24m tall waterfall. There are also horses meant for tourists to make travelling around the area easier.
/Tourist camp /

Day 9 Ulaantsutgalan - Tsutgalan–TaikharChuluu
We will set off to a place that is part of our nomadic culture, AriinKhangai. When we arrive near the area we will mostly see yaks and farmers spread out throughout the area. This area is said to be the cradle where champions of traditional Mongolian wrestling are born, we will also visit the ZayaBandi Monastery. Afterwards we will have our lunch before setting off for TaikharChuluu, a mythical site where writings from the 7-8th centuries remain.
/Tourist camp /

Day 10 TaikharChuluu - KhorgoTerkhiinlake
Today, at the peak of your trip you will visit a dormant volcano named KhorgiinTogoo. Near this area we can findTerkhiinTsagaanlake, a freshwater lake, at a height of 2000 meters above sea level. During this hike, we will see the spectacular environment at a height of 2500 meters above sea level surrounding KhorgiinTogoo. It is also possible for us to visit a herder's yurt, and ride yaks and horses.
/Tourist camp /
Day 11 KhorgoTerkhiin Lake - Jargalant Hot springs
Our adventure will continue through the hills, as well as large, numerous rivers and streams. Our next stay is at a yurt camp with hot springs. Here you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the nomadic people, take a trip to the hot springs and rest from your travels.
/Tourist camp /
Daily 12 JargalantHot Springs - Murun
We will travel to Murun, which is near Mongolia’s second largest lakeKhuvsgul, located in the north of Khangai. Here we will lodge in a comfortable 50/100 Hotel, you will also have the opportunity to discover the city ofMurun and farms located in the north.
/ Hotel /
Daily 13 Murun- Khatgal -Janhai
From Murun we will travel to Lake Khuvsgul, called the “blue pearl of Asia”. Lake Khuvsgul is a crystal clear lake with an area of 2612 km2, it is surrounded by green forests and cliffs. This vast and unspoilt nature reserve is home to reindeer and is the birthplace of the Mongolian shaman. We will lodge at ager camp near the shore of the lake in the evening.
/ Tourist camp /
Day 14.Janhai – Khatgal – Murun-Erdenet
We will set off for the city of Erdenet in the morning, the distance from Khuvsgul to Erdenet is not that far, therefore we will have lunch at a diner along the road. Here you can spend a whole day being acquainted with the city of Erdenet. 
Day 15 Erdenet - Ulaanbaatar
On the 15thday,we will depart to Ulaanbaatar. We will visit world-famous cashmere stores here, and have lunch on the way. When we arrive in the capital, you will have dinner with your tour guide and driver, then spend the night at your hotel.
Day 16 Ulaanbaatar

You will have breakfast at your hotel. After arriving at ChinggisInternational Airport, our services will be over.


Trip Information (included in price)
  • Hotel /4 nights in a double room/ 3 star Hotel + Breakfast
  • Tourist Camp /11 nights + Shower/
  • Tour guide / English, German, Korean/
  • 3 meals for 15 days
  • 3 bottles of water per day
  • Museum tickets
  • Tickets for travel
  • Driver /Fuel/
  • Vehicle /Toyota 4x4 Delica, Toyata Land Cruiser, UAZ, Hyundai County Bus/
Excluded from price
  • Travel insurance
  • Food besides the 3 meals and 3 bottles of water we will provide (i.e. alcohol, drinks)
  • Video, Photo services
  • Funds
  • Visa fees
  • Plane tickets

Tour Details

Duration 16 days
Group Size 2-15
Trip Period 2019.05.01----2019.10.01 12 DAY TOUR / 2170KM/
Cost Per Person

2 people – 3171$ ( 2853 EURO) PER PERSON

4 people - 2213$ ( 1991 EURO) PER PERSON

6 people - 1915$ ( 1723 EURO) PER PERSON


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More than 2 people– 5% discount

Kids aged 5-15 – 25% discount

Kids aged 0-4– 100% discount