Naiman Lake Horseback Trip

Tour Code: Horse

On this trip we will visit the beautiful Khustain Nuruu National Park as well as Ulaantsutgalan Waterfall , Naiman Lake , Karakorum the city of Genghis Khan and world renowned Mongolian cashmere shops. To those who love nature , wildlife, and going on adventures , this trip will be an unforgettable experience.

Highlights of this trip:

  • Visi, detailing ting the ancient city of Genghis Khan, Karakorum
  • Visiting a museum, detailing Mongolian life in the 16th century , filled with artifacts from Karakorum.
  • Touring through world famous Mongolian Cashmere shops
  • Riding horses and camels in the north of the Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes
  • Visiting Khustain Nuruu National Park (Takhiin Sureg)
  • Ulaantsutgalan , a 24m tall waterfall
  • A horseback trip through the Mongolian steppes that will last 7 days and 6 nights
  • Watching traditional Mongolian music concert( Only if we book seats beforehand)

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar
Once you arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the morning, and you’ve lodged into your room at a hotel , you will leace with your guide and driver.You will understand more about Mongolian history and culture , by visiting Mongolian History Museum. Afterwards, you will get to know Mongolia’s food and culture and have lunch with your guide and driver. We will then escort you back to your hotel where you can rest from your travels.


Day 2: From Ulaanbaatar to Khustain Nuruu National Park 
After waking up to a Mongolian morning and having your breakfast in a completely different environment, you will meet with your guide and driver , then set out for your trip to the Khustain Nuruu National Park which is the natural habitat of over 126 species birds, 450 different plants, deer , squirrels, marmots, and boars . However, before we can visit  this destination we will first need to lodge in Khustain Camp, which is located in the Khustain Nuruu region , where we will watch a documentary about the progress of relocating wild horses.We will then have lunch before setting out to the National Park.
/Tourist camp/

Day 3: Khustain Nuruu – Ulaantsutgalan 
After you wake up to the breathtaking scenery at Khustain Nuruu , and have had your breakfast , we will depart to Ulaantsutgalan waterfall , which is located 310km to the west.During the summer , Ulaantsutgalan Waterfall situated in Uvurkhangai  Province’s Bat – Ulzii town , is the most sought –after site in Mongolia by both foreign and local tourists alike..On the way there , we will stop at Khujirt town and prepare our provisions for the long  horseback trip ahead of us tomorrow.After which we will head out to our camp.
/Tourist Camp/

Day 4: From Ulaantsutgalan to Buurug / On Horse/
After breakfast , we will prepare our horses, provisions, and baggages alongside our horse guide, assistants and tour guide.Our first destination after we head out will be Buurug . On average , we can cover 15km a day on horseback, then we will prepare our tents and build camp.Sleeping in the wild Mongolian steppes, eating food made on camp fire will be an amazing start to your trip.
/Camping in the wild / 


Day 5 : Buurug – Khuis Lake 
After we have woken up and have had our breakfast. We will set out for Khuis Lake. On the way there,  we will run into many interesting things. As mentioned before , we will stop at Khuis lake , where you can rest beside the lake and discuss your trip in peace.
/Camping in the wild / 

Day 6: Khuis Lake – Shireet Lake – Khuis Lake 
After breakfast , we will travel a distance of 20 km  visiting the four lake: Bugat , Khaliut , Shanaa , and Haya. We will  not change our camp site this night, and will be staying at Khuis Lake, as our next destination is closer to Khuis lake.
/Camping in the wild/
Day 7: Khuis Lake- Tsagaan azraga – Uliastai River
After we have travelled through the depths of the Khuisiin Naiman lake and the beautiful Tsagaan azarga, we will have lunch.We will then trek through the forests and after seeing the lake that was created by the Khurmen Chuluu volcano , we will set at Ulaistai River.
/Camping in the wild/ 


Day 8 : Ulaistain River 
After our morning breakfast , we will head out with local guide , to see and tour the beautiful scenery. You can use this day to rest from the 5 day trip you’ve had and hopefully add something tou your journal.


Day 9: Uliastai River – Farmer’s Ger
After Morning breakfast , we will travel 20 km to a Mongolian farmer’s ger, where you will have the opportunity to indroduce yourself to he various tools , furniture a tradional Mongolian ger has . After  which , we will spend the night there.


Day 10 : Farmer’s Ger – Ulaantsutgalan
After waking up to a surreal environment  and having breakfast , we will leave for Ulaantsutgalan , where our driver will pick us up and take us to the tourist camps. Here , you will rest from your week long travel on horseback.
/Tourist Camp/
Day 11: Ulaantsutgalan – Karakorum
After waking up to the peaceful Mongolian morning we will have breakfast . After which we will set off for a camp with traditional Mongolian yurts . We will  then set out for the ancient city of Karakorum , where we will visit a museum filled with relics from the 16 th century , and a temple from that period . We will then have our supper at a tourist camp in Karakorum where you will spend your evening.
/Tourist Camp/
Day 12 : Karakorum – Ulaanbaatar 
After waking up in a Mongolian yurt, we will have breakfast . We will then set out on our trip to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar . We will  stop by World famous Mongolian Cashmere shops as well as souvenir shops.You will then  have dinner with your tour  guide and driver , where  we will talk about our amazing tour 12 day trip. You can then prepare for your flight and will spend the night at your hotel.


Trip Information (included in price)
  • Hotel / 2 nights in double room /3 star Hotel +Breakfast/
  • Tourist camp / 4 nights+Shower /
  • Camping equipment/ 6 nights/ Sleeping bag, Air matress, Sleeping pads etc…/
  • Cook
  • Yak for transporting our equipment
  • Tour Guide / English, German, Korean /
  • 3 meals for 12 days
  • 3 bottles of water per day
  • Museum tickets
  • Tickets for travel
  • Driver / Fuel /
  • Vehicle / Toyota 4x4 , Delica, Toyota Land Cruiser, UAZ, Hyndai County Bus/
  • Guide / Countryside /
Excluded from price
  • Travel insurance
  • Food besides the 3 meals and 3 bottles of water we will provide ( i.e alcohol , drinks )
  • Video , Photo services (Only if we book beforehand)
  • Funds
  • Visa fees
  • Plane tickets

Tour Details

Duration 13 Days
Group Size 2-15
Trip Period

( 01.06.2019- 25.09.2019) / 13 –Day Tour – 1160km /

Cost Per Person

2 people – 2047$ ( 1842 EURO) Individually

4 people – 1339$ ( 1205 EURO ) Individually

6 people – 1111$ ( 999 EURO ) Individually

Discount Tours

More than 2 people -5% Discount

Kids aged between 5-15  25% Discount

Kids aged between 0-4 100% Discount