1000 km | Moto Tour

Type: Special Tours


Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar accommodation in Camping (Tenda / Ger) where the motorcycles are located, and visit of the city with lunch and dinner.



Day 2 / Sand dune
Starting from Ulaanbaatar we will arrive at the beginning of the gobi desert, it will be possible to make excursions with the camel on the sand dunes. We will stay overnight in the ger and in the morning we will leave for Uurtiintokhoi.


Day 3 / UurtiinTohoi
Stage dedicated to moving towards Orkhon waterfall,
We will prepare camping with tents right at the orkhon river.


Day 4 / Orkhon Waterfall
Valley of the Orkhon River, an area of fascinating beauty and noteworthy enough to be protected by UNESCO. Dinner and overnight in ger camp.


Day 5 / Thermal Tsenkher
After breakfast we will go to the thermal baths of Tsenkher. This day is dedicated to rest, we will be accommodated in a spectacular tourist camp with ger where you can also try various types of massages including the Mongolian one.
The spas are famous for being considered a cure for rheumatism and skin problems and are used by the Mongols themselves for therapeutic purposes.


Day 6 / Kharkhorin - Lake Ugii
Karakhorum. As a first step we will visit a museum where we will see inside a model representing the splendor of the ancient capital and ErdeneZu monastery before the fall of the Genghis Khan empire. We will continue the visit with some historical information about Mongolia.
Then we will head towards the ErdeneZu monastery, the only one in the world surrounded by Stupa where more religions and cultures managed to survive among themselves.
Day 7 / Lake Ugii
We arrive at Lake Ugii, presents a large variety of birds. On the western shore there are the ruins of CiliinKhiid monastery built in the seventeenth century. While at the south of the lake there are the big stems Bileg khan. Water temperature in summer and sufficiently hot to allow bathing and even fishing.


Day 8 / Khustai National Park
The Khustai National Park is the right place to visit if you want to relax and admire the natural habitat of Mongolia, the famous takhi wild horses but also marmots, deer, eagles and other birds. We will visit the park and stay at the nomads in the ger.


Day 9 / Ulaanbaatar
Arrival at the campsite, return of the motorbike, and visit to the Natural History Museum and Buddhist Monastery.


Day 10 / Ulaanbaatar

Accompaniment to the airport for the return departure.





Price Included:
  • Transport to / from the airport
  • Breakfast lunch dinner,
  • Overnights in hotels and tourist campsites and where it is not possible in tents or ger
  • One sleeping bag per person
  • A 150-125 cc motorcycle per person
  • Fuel for motorcycles
  • Visit to museums, parks and monastery.
  • The group is assigned a doctor and a guide who is an Italian Mongolian interpreter.
  • The group is followed by two off-road / pick-up machines.
  • Vehicle service for baggage
  • Service vehicle with spare parts
  • A helmet and a raincoat
Price Not Included:
  • Round-trip air tickets
  • Insurance
  • Visa costs
  • Drinks; orangeed beer etc.
  • Tip
  • Permissions to take pictures

Tour Details

Duration 12 Days
Tour Team jk
Price k
Dont Forget

By motorbike:

From 4-6 the cost is 1700 euros

From 7 onwards 1600 euros per person


In the Car:

from 4-6 the cost is 1600

From 7 onwards 1500 euros per person